Starichkov island

Located in the Pacific Ocean, 12 km away from the entrance to the Avacha Bay and 30 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Starichkov island is surrounded by coastal reefs and rocks that can be seen only at low tide. Despite the small area, this island is listed as a natural monument. Its slopes are home to 44 colonies of 11 species of sea birds, including tufted puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes, gulls, and horned puffins that gave the name to this island (in Russian, this species is called starichki). The coastal reefs host seal rookeries, while orcas are often spotted near the coastal waters. These waters feature a lot of species of fish in addition to the Pacific salmon: flounder, halibut, perch, lingcod, lenok, cod, goby.

Russkaya Bay

The shores of the Russkaya Bay are populated by various birds, such as cormorants, tufted and Atlantic puffins, auklets, ducks, various gulls, and others. Cape Kekurny by the entrance to the bay is home to about a hundred Steller’s sea lions. On this boat trip, you have a high chance of encountering whales and orcas cutting through the sea surface with their triangle fins, and you are bound to spot sea otters enjoying the sun by the Laperouse Rocks. The trip to the Russkaya Bay will delight you with beautiful sea views and amazing fishing; you will observe various marine mammals and sea birds, try delicious dishes of freshly caught fish and seafood.

Tikhaya Bay

One of the quietest bays in the Avacha Gulf. It is a small and cosy bay surrounded by cliffs and astonishing, gorgeous scenery. It offers an extraordinary view of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Tikhaya bay is renowned for excellent fishing. You can catch halibut, which sometimes can be enormous, and flounder. On the way, we will admire the landmark of the region — the Tri Brata rocks.

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