River Fishing

Kamchatka boasts the greatest variety of the salmonids. In the spawning season, which lasts from mid-May to early December, the local rivers get filled with six species of the Pacific salmon migrating here from the Pacific Ocean.

Tours that include rafting on affluent scenic rivers are extremely popular in Kamchatka. Fascinating rafting and angling on the rivers of Kamchatka is an exotic delight that will linger in your memory forever.

You can choose any of an abundant number of rivers. For instance, it can be the Bystraya that flows just 160 kilometres away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and it only takes a few hours to get there by car.

Some distant rivers, like the Zhupanova and the Opala, are only accessible by helicopter. In this case, we can stop in different parts of the river for fishing at the request of the travellers.

Usually, anglers prefer three-day tours, but if you would like to fish and stay in a camp for a longer time, we can arrange tours up to ten days.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is one of the most popular tours in Kamchatka. You can fish on a modern boat that will steer from the Avacha Bay to the Pacific Ocean.

You can catch sea dwellers and watch birds of rare beauty. Flocks of puffins, cormorants, seagulls have their breeding grounds nearby.

With luck, we will also encounter sea lions, orcas, and whales on the way. The coastal Pacific waters have an abundance of unique delicacies.

You can catch perch, pollock, cod, saffron cod, flounder. However, the main saltwater trophy is halibut whose weight can exceed 100 kilograms.

Ice Fishing

Rivers, lakes, and sea bays in Kamchatka get covered with a thick layer of ice from December to April. The most popular places for fishing include such lakes as Kalagir, Dalneye, Kronotskoye, Nachikinskoye, and Nalychevo and such rivers as the Avacha, the Bystraya, the Opala, the Shirokaya, as well as the Avacha Bay.

Your winter catch may include char, rainbow trout, grayling, smelt, flounder, saffron cod, and Pacific herring.

Ice fishing is one of the most difficult, but at the same time fun activities in the cold and long Kamchatka winter. However, ice fishing is available to everyone, no matter the level — you can be an experienced angler or just a beginner. This activity can also be great for a family getaway.