Brown Bear Hunting

Hunting period: April to May and August to November.

Kamchatka boasts the world’s largest population of brown bears — about 6,000 representatives of this species live here. Kamchatka bears are the ultimate dream of many hunters.

The bear is the largest land predator on the peninsula. Their density and record-breaking sizes (some males weigh up to 600 kilos and reach 2.5 metres) are explained by the abundance of food. Their diet is based on salmon that come to spawn in the local rivers.

Hunting takes place in the feeding areas: spawning sites, berry fields, and mountain ash zones.

Kamchatka Moose Hunting

Hunting period: September to December.

One of the largest subspecies of moose with big antlers (up to 170 cm end to end with a palm width up to 65 cm and a weight exceeding 40 kg).

This trophy is a dream of any hunter! Large males can weigh up to 800 kilos. They currently inhabit all parts of Kamchatka, but the largest specimens tend to reside in Penzhinsky District.

The hunting season lasts during the oestrus period and beyond, including the onset of seasonal snow cover.

Snow Sheep Hunting

Hunting period: August to October.

The snow sheep resides in mountain ranges and, sometimes, the rocks of the eastern coast.

Just like with many other mountain species, only the hardy and the strong can hunt this animal. Male sheep weigh a little over 100 kilos and possess thick and powerful horns reaching 110 cm in length. The dream of every mountain hunter!

The snow sheep inhabits Central and Southern Kamchatka. Like any mountain hunting, it requires endurance and good physical training.

Even though the mountains of Kamchatka are not as high or as inaccessible as in some other regions, you will have to walk a lot and make a distant and accurate shot.