PRISTINE Kamchatka is a tour of the most beautiful places of wild Kamchatka. You will get acquainted with the splendour of the pristine nature of the peninsula — hot springs, pure likes, magnificent waterfalls, and of course the astounding volcanoes. The season for this tour is late June and early July. This is the time when ice melts in the mountains forming beautiful blue glacial lakes. We will walk a lot, so physical fitness will come in handy. Economy class hotel accommodation is included in the price. The tour schedule depends on the weather, so the sequence of activities is subject to change.

Tour Programme

Day 1

Arrival day. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, checking into the hotel/apartment. Sightseeing tour of the city. A visit to Nikolskaya hill that offers a magnificent view of the Avacha Bay — the ‘gates’ of the Kamchatka Territory. The Avacha Bay is the second largest across the globe, it could fit the entire world fleet.

Day 2

A visit to Gorely volcano: two to three hours in off-road vehicles via Vilyuchinsky pass and a two-to-three-hour ascent to 1,829 metres. The peak offers stunning views of the blue lake lying in the crater.

Day 3

Transfer to Mount Moroznaya (1 hour). Trekking to Golubye lakes (7-8 hours round trip) along a 20-kilometre-long forest trail that ends in three lakes of incredible beauty. In the melting period some of the ice ends up below the water surface, which gives the lakes their blue colour. A stroll in the surrounding area. The water temperature in the lakes ranges from 1 to 3°С.

Day 4

A tour of Karymshinsky hot springs located in the huge caldera of an ancient extinct volcano whose crater is now buried under a thick layer of volcanic rock. The water temperature in the springs reaches 76°С.

Day 5

A visit to Khalaktyrsky beach with black volcanic sand on the Pacific coast (the journey takes 1.5 hours). It is one of the favourite places both with locals and visitors. The fantastic beauty of the beach gives you a feeling of being in another world.

Day 6

An exploration of the Vachkazhets massif (50 kilometres from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ). The way to the massif is dappled with countless lakes, rivers, and breath-taking waterfalls. You will enjoy the panoramas of pristine nature. We will also drop by Zelenovsky Ozerki with mineral hydrogen sulphide baths.

Day 7

A visit to the local market, your last chance to buy seafood and souvenirs before leaving. Departure day.

Tour dates

13.06.2021 to 19.06.2021
20.06.2021 to 26.06.2021
27.06.2021 to 03.07.2021
04.07.2021 to 10.07.2021
RUB 40000+