GOLDEN Kamchatka is an autumn tour offering the delights of gold-painted Kamchatka. You will relish the most prominent sights of Kamchatka in vibrant autumn colours — from giant volcanoes to turbulent rivers and high waterfalls. This tour is the quintessence of the incredible and diverse nature of Kamchatka. The tour programme is subject to change due to the weather conditions. The tour programme may vary to suit your taste.

Tour Programme

Day 1

Arrival day. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, check-in. Sightseeing tour of the city. A visit to Nikolskaya hill that offers a magnificent view of the Avacha Bay — the ‘gates’ of the Kamchatka Territory. The Avacha Bay is the second largest across the globe, it could fit the entire world fleet.

Day 2

Transfer to Dachny hot springs via Vilyuchinsky pass that offers a panorama of seven volcanoes (3 to 4 hours). A walking tour of Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant, the fumarole field where you can watch minor mud volcanoes, fumaroles and boiling pools (2 to 3 hours). Spokoiny waterfall.

Day 3

A boat trip to the Tri Brata rocks and Starichkov island. Flounder fishing. Transfer to the Russkaya Bay and a chance to see sea lions and orcas in their natural habitat. Freshly cooked fish or seafood for lunch. The tour takes the whole day.

Day 4

Rafting on the Bystraya river. Transfer to the Bystraya river, rafting (3 hours). Fishing as an option. You will taste the freshest and most delicious soup of freshly caught fish. The river flows among picturesque hills overgrown with dwarf pines and mountain alders. While rafting, you can spot brown bears catching fish on the banks of the river and Steller's sea eagles in the sky. Bathing Malkinsky in hot springs.

Day 5

A visit to Khalaktyrsky beach with black volcanic sand on the Pacific coast (the journey takes 1.5 hours). This is a place of incredible power. A very popular place both with locals and visitors which makes you feel like you’re on the edge of the world.

Day 6

Transfer to the Vachkazhets massif (2-hour journey). A walking tour of the mountains overgrown with forests painted in the bright red and yellow colours of autumn. On the way, we will encounter magnificent lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. You can spot brown bears and get to meet the indigenous inhabitant of Kamchatka, the Arctic ground squirrel. On the way back, we will stop by Zelenovsky Ozerki — mineral hydrogen sulphide baths.

Day 7

A spare day in case of bad weather. You can visit an ethnic village as an option (RUB 3,000) and learn about the local life. Another option is a helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers or Kurile lake (RUB 45,000).

Day 8

A visit to the market where you can buy seafood and souvenirs as an option. Departure day.

Tour dates

RUB 65 000+